Build your efficiency with the InterOps Video Network

InterOps Video Network is an IP-based communications network designed to provide both audio and video connectivity between firewalled private networks. Prior to the development of the InterOps Video Network, successful visual connectivity over IP between private networks, and the emergency services those networks support, was all but impossible. The InterOps Video Network has forever changed the way these agencies will now communicate.

Over the last 84 months, the InterOps Network has grown to over 400 endpoints traversing over 150 private LAN/WANS. Subscribers include Hospitals, Fire Departments, Medical Control Authorities, Emergency Operating Centers, Police Departments, Health Departments, Community Colleges and State Agencies. All InterOps Subscribers have visual connectivity to all other subscribers on the network.

The InterOps Video Network infrastructure is housed in a secure offsite co-location with multiple back-up services and security measures. In addition to supporting hundreds of simultaneous video calls, the InterOps Video Network utilizes a “clustered” approach to its firewall traversal scheme. This provides automatic failover in the event of an equipment failure.

The Inter Ops Video Network supports AES/DES Encryption as well as H.323 and SIP Protocols. Multi-site bridging and recording services are available at rates well below market pricing. Contact us to find out how this network can support your work!