Although we pride ourselves on being able to provide digital solutions to virtually every type of customer, we have specialized in corporate, health and educational markets since we first opened our doors more than 30 years ago.  Over the last several years we have also expanded our operation to include the first responder market.  By partnering with the InterOps Video Network, we deliver cutting edge video conference capabilities to support the ever growing need for reliable communications for police, fire and emergency management teams.


Having the right partners in any business is important. We have spent years building relationships with our suppliers to ensure that we can provide the best product at the best possible price. These are just a few of the manufacturers we work with to design state of the art systems for our customers.


When it comes to successful relationships with our customers our mission is clear. Outstanding customer service is the cornerstone of everything we do. We offer a number of different services to help you maximize you collaboration efforts. From design & installation to maintenance & training, our staff is there to help.

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Since 1982, National Communications Corporation has been leading the way in visual communications, design and systems integration by bridging the distance between people and enabling them to work side by side, no matter where they are. National Communications Corporation offers a complete line of digital technology solutions as well as a robust suite of management systems and services that make designing and implementing your needs easier than ever before. And as a total lifecycle vendor, we’re with you through all phases of the project, from conception, design and installation to continuing support and service, we are there every step of the way.  Whether you’re in Government, Medical, Education or the Business sector, National Communications Corporation can develop the ideal state-of-the-art solution from a mix of top manufactures including Cisco, Extron, Chief, Bose, Sharp, Shure, Eiki, Liberty, Spectrum Furniture, and more! Conveniently based in Troy, Michigan, National Communications Corporation is easy to find and more importantly, has quick access to local freeways enabling us to be very responsive to your service requests. Call us today or use our contact form to learn more about our products and services.

Inter Ops Video Network is an IP based communications network designed to provide both audio and video connectivity between firewalled private networks.

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Many of today’s integrated systems require the use of multiple remotes making control of each almost impossible for the average user.  With the support of suppliers like AMX or Extron, our staff of programmers can develop and implement control systems that combine all functions into one easy to use interface that anyone can feel comfortable with.